In the seventies, Steve Prefontaine was one of the most famous milers. "Pre" was known for his talent, discipline, determination and star quality with a human touch and became as such an inspiration for those he called 'his people'. He not only developed a hunger to be the best, but even more to do it in style: to create beauty when he ran, to show people something they had never seen before.


In life, you need inspirations. "Pre" is definitely one of ours, which is more than enough reason to name our first created kit after him. 

Prefontaine "Original" Arm Warmers

€ 25,00Prijs
  • The "Prefontaine's kit" will support you to suffer in style. As a Bioracer-fabric, the quality of the arm warmers is such that even in the most challenging circumstances, they will keep you warm. 

  • Shipped goods cannot unfortunately not be returned.


    As a size-guide, know that our kit is a Bioracer-fabric and the sizes apply to the Bioracer-standards.

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